Moving From A Rental Home To Your Own Belsize Park PropertyAnybody who is familiar with London will know that Belsize Park is a much sought-after residential area. If you are moving from a rental home to your own property in this lovely locality, we have some fabulous tips for you on how to make the most of your transition from one residence to another. These tips will come in handy for any homeowner who is moving out of a rented residence to their own, especially since the latter will probably be larger, which means you will need to adapt to the new space while you move!As you just read, the move from a rented house to one that you own almost always means you are moving into a bigger space. You’ll have a lot more room inside the house and probably a fair amount of space outside the house as far the garden, porch, garage etc. are concerned. While it’s certainly easier to move into a house that is bigger than into one that is smaller, this article will help you make the move even more enjoyable and productive. With our advice, and some great ideas on what to do with the extra space, you’ll find yourself settling in quicklyBegin with the largest, most obvious things: the furniture. Furniture lends character and shape to the house, and also takes up the most amount of space. When you’re moving from a rented apartment, chances are that you probably do not have all the furniture that you need for your new home. Make a list of all the furniture that you have and then add a list of all the things you need. Purchase these before you move so that you can have them delivered around the time you are settling in. Don’t overspend just yet; only purchase things you really need. You can move on to fancier things later! The change from being a tenant to a homeowner also means you are responsible for a lot more than you were before. As a tenant, it is generally your landlord’s responsibility to have all the utilities and other service connections up and running. As the homeowner, utilities such as electricity and water supply and gas pipelines will be yours to oversee. Make a list of such matters and address them at least a week before you move in so that all utilities are functional and in running order by the time you start living in the house. You do not want to move into a new home only to find out that there is no running water or that there’s no gas supply!Any items, appliances and household gadgets that were provided to you by the landlord or the superintendent of your building at your rented accommodation will have to be replaced now. A lot of rented apartments are leased out fully or semi-furnished, which means you have probably postponed buying a lot of household items up until now. Whether it’s an everyday gadget like the coffeemaker or the dishwasher or something more particular, such as a clothes horse or a stepladder, you will need to buy these things before you move in, or soon after, because such items are necessary for day-to-day routine. Make a list so that you don’t find yourself missing something right when you need it.Invest in some tools for the home and garden. You will find that homeowners are constantly challenged by all sorts of little problems around the house, and a reliable set of tools is essential to be able to run a home. And if you have a garden, you can easily start your own little vegetable plot or kitchen garden or even grow beautiful flowers with a little time, effort and the right tools.