Moving Home - The Calling ListThe master checklist has been compiled and your move is beginning to take shape. As the weeks go on, items get crossed off and are replaced by more pressing tasks. On that checklist, around four-to-six weeks before the big day will be a number of individual items loosely based around ‘notifying people’ that you and your family are on the move. It can be an arduous and time-consuming set of conversations, but necessary one to ensure that you make a clean break from your old property and get everything right going into the new. But who exactly do you need to call, and when? It doesn’t hurt to start as early as possible, and compiling a separate list will help to make sure that no one gets missed. Start with the obvious ones; utility and service providers. Gas, electric, water, phone, internet and television will all usually need a month’s notice in your old property, while you will probably need to start putting things in motion getting your new property connected. When it comes to your gas and electric, don’t be tempted to take the easy route and just get your current supplier to start supplying your new home. While this may be comfortable, it is not always the most cost-effective; use the new home as a fresh start and shop around for deals in order to connect up your new property on the best tariff for you. If you are happy with your current phone, television and internet provider currently again to not just think you are happy to move them over. Moving home give you and opportunity to bargain with regards to supplying your new property, so when you inform them you are moving take the chance to discuss possibilities for your new home. Phone lines in particular usually need at least a couple of weeks to be connected, and if installing television connections these will also need a visit from a member of staff, so it is best to get these booked in well in advance to make sure your new home is fully connected form the word go. The same goes for your building and contents insurance – shop around and get the best deal for your new property. Local councils will need to be informed of departures and arrivals, as well as the TV licensing company. Then have a scan of your bank statement to see if there are any other people that need notifying; do you have any magazine subscriptions or food deliveries that will need cancelling/transferring to your new home? Next come the banks, your employers, the Inland Revenue and your credit card providers. There are an awful lot of people that need to be notified, so make a list early and continue to add to it. You haven't even started thinking about how you are going to tell friends and family yet. This is most easily done by mass email or letter, lowering the need for endless phone calls. One important phone call that is worth making is to get your mail forwarded. For a few pounds per year you can have any mail with a certain surname redirected to your new address, which just provides piece of mind that everything gets to you that should. Finally, it isn't just your house that needs sorting, spare your vehicles a thought as well. Your driving licence, log book and insurance details will all need updating, and at the same time as if you were to have any form of incident any discrepancies between these three documents could affect your ability to claim.