Moving to a Smaller Place - You Can Decorate It to Make It Look Singificantly BiggerMany people will confirm that moving is not always for better, as we are all used to think. There are many reasons that can make the relocation not fun, but very depressing and sad thing to do. Pushed from the financial crisis and the lack of job, many people were forced to give up their nice large homes and go to smaller once, in order to minimize their expenses.          Families often split and divorces and that can also be a reason for part of the family to go to a smaller place.           However every moving is a new beginning somehow, so looking from the bright side is very important to stay calm and do not get pretty depressed from what is happening.           The modern design gives many rational and nice decisions for the home spaces, and with a little imagination, you can create very nice interior order, though it is not as big as you wished it to be.           The designers very often use the visual effects of furniture to create the impression they are aiming to. The furniture can be your best ally in the situation with the smaller house, as well as it can become an enemy if put it on a bad place. When picking things for your small space to decorate, choose items, that have more than one use. There are many chain stores, that offer not so expensive, but still very practical, modern and good-looking furniture to match your needs. The soft ottoman, which can also be a table, is a big hit on the market recently. It is stylish, functional and comfortable thing. And what is more, because it is usually covered with leather, it can be found in many colors that will match the room the best way. The dining table can be a desk, when it is not time for eating, and the pillows of the coach can make nice bed.          Accessories are good thing, but you have to be very careful with them in the small rooms. If there are pretty much of them, they will create the feeling of messy situation and this will not be stylish at all.          Colors can bring much to the visual effect. It is not enough to put light colors on the walls to make the space look larger. The dark and dense paints have their advantage as well. They can add very special accent and create artistic and dramatic look. And since you can not impress with space, you can at least do it with interesting design. A wall with nice red, dark blue, purple or any other not so common color can make many accessories useless and still the home good looking.          It is a simple idea but unfortunately few people come up with it. When you do not have enough space vertically, use it horizontally. Create many layers and shelves, even on the highest place on the wall. You will not be able to reach it at any time, but you can put things that are rarely needed there. Also when you are hanging curtains, use all the space from the ceiling to the flour for it. When you are not cutting the wall on different sectors, you can create an impression for taller room.           Cover every storage, that is visible and use your imagination to do that. You can take pieces of fabric and ant other thing that will match to create a cover and make the place look less messy.