New Job: To Move or Not To Move
While some job offers that require you to change you place of residence and relocate to somewhere new might be really too good to pass up, not every seemingly good offer is actually something worth moving for. Sometimes, even, people get so excited that they move without even being sure of anything. This bring us then, to the first point everyone should remember when eyeing for a job in a new place - you should always be sure that the job is yours before you make any concrete steps to move. If you feel you have in your pocket but nothing's formalized yet, you can do basic research but never leave your job or your home without having something in writing. You also need to clearly express to your new employer that you will need some extra time before you can work as you will need to attend to your moving needs.
Another factor to consider before moving is the kind of new environment you will be living and working in. Some jobs give good offers because of the nature of the place and you may want to think twice before accepting any job that might pose a threat to your person or to your family.
Another thing to think about before moving is the cost. Can you afford it? This is especially important with families, as you will expected have bigger moving bills than you would have is you were single. It's important that you don't bank too much on your new job offer and try to take things into perspective as a whole before making any big decision.