Now is the Time to Save and Cut Costs With the effect of economic crisis, people are learning from past mistakes. They are getting more aware of the importance of saving more by cutting costs to settle their bills and home rental fees. Tenants in particular have felt the dire needs to pay for their rents instead of thinking about being homeless. Today is the time of realization that in order to recover from worse financial condition, there is a need to be more flexible. Before, you don't think about how much water you waste when you take all the pleasure of taking a bath-which means more water consumption. This goes to using electricity only when needed. By cutting your water bills you are on your way of saving some money that will be used for more important things in the future. There is no question that hard times have been hitting people hard and during these times, people need to rather smart than do nothing and simply go with the flow. If you are renting your apartment and an idea to share it with a friend for a lower monthly rental fee should materialize. Try to practice flexibility when it comes to spending your money and you will greatly benefit in the end.