Packing Supplies to Prepare for
To have all the items intact at the end of moving, it is essential to use appropriate packing supplies whilst packing. Following is a list of the packing supplies needed for successful moving.
Moving boxes of various sizes
Gather small, medium and large sized moving boxes to pack various items. Around thirty to forty boxes should be sufficient for packing a house with five rooms. Select the sizes as per the packing needs. For example, if you have great many books to pack, pick up more number of small sized boxes. Wardrobe boxes can be used for packing clothing.
Special moving boxes for special needs
Items such as large mirrors, antiques and artwork have to be packed separately with great care. For example, items such as files should be packed in file boxes to avoid missing papers.
Cushioning material
Some sort of cushioning material has to be used whilst packing fragile items. Wrapping them in comforters or clothing will do. For efficient packing, it is recommended to use foam pieces or inflate bags to fill the empty space in the boxes.
Packing tape and tape dispenser
Use packing tape for sealing the bottom of the boxes and to seal the boxes after packing. It is a good idea to use tape dispenser rather than using scissors or teeth for cutting the tape.
Other accessories
To ease the process of unpacking, it is essential to label to which room the box belongs such as kitchen, bedroom etc. For this purpose you need a marker or printed labels. Wrapping paper is needed for wrapping kitchen items such as chinaware.
The above packing items are sufficient to carryout household moving successfully.