Packing Your Breakable Items Out of all the various tasks one faces and needs to accomplish when moving, packing by far one of the most important. The whole point of a move is to be able to transport your belongings from point A to point B, and packing is the means through which you collect your stuff so that it can be moved.   The basic of packing entails doing everything room by room without mixing anything together. This will help you unpack better when you get to your new home, as you minimize chances of confusion since everything is segregated per room. Doing your inventory and labelling your boxes and packages are also important so you can keep track of all your things.   One particular aspect of packing that you should be very careful about is when packing breakable and fragile items. Instead of packing them up the regular way, you must utilize materials such as packing peanuts, Styrofoam supports (especially for bigger items), bubble wrap, and even crumpled newspapers to give your breakables a cushion of protection. This will absorb the shocks and bumps that will be common all throughout the transportation process. Also make sure to label the boxes as 'FRAGILE' in big bold, conspicuous letters on all sides of the box, indicating as well which side should be up.