Practical Tips When You Move in Long DistanceMoving long distance is different from moving to a few blocks. You need to be aware that most moving companies usually consider a move as a long distance when the move is more than 100 miles away from where you have been. Moving long distance requires more effort and planning. This is the reason why it is more convenient and more practical to hire a moving company when you are moving long distance. Plan Well Make sure to plan well before moving. Research on long distance move in order to know the things that you need to prepare and expect. Take note of the things that could make your move stressful. Move Light Long Distance Movers usually charge more than when you move from a few blocks. So, make sure to pack lightly. Leave your clutters behind. Pack only the essential things that you need and put everything on garage sale. You will be able to save more. You will also have the opportunity to get rid of the things that become clutters in your house through the years.  Utility Bills Inform all your utility companies about your move. You will prevent yourself doing long distance calls in the future just to dispute a utility bill that you forgot to inform. Update legal documents Most legal documents such as driver's license needs to be updated when you move long distance. These things should be taken care on or before you move.