Regulated Removals Companies Can Save You A Huge Amount Of HassleWhen you are moving house, you will likely spend a huge amount of cash on ensuring that you are living in a place that you love. It follows therefore that you would spend similar amounts ensuring that getting in to that place went smoothly, and that all of your items were well protected so that the overall feel of the new place is a harmonious one. Unfortunately, many people feel that the removals process is a great place to save a little cash to make up for the vast cost of buying a place, and in doing so ruin the whole experience for themselves and their families. If you are wondering how much difference the type of removals company that you use can make, then you will no doubt find a short guide to regulated and unregulated removals companies pretty useful...Overall, the removals industry is unregulated. This means that anyone can turn up at your house and take your money to move your things. There are no safety controls, no codes of practice and the like, it’s a bit of a free for all. In recent months, there has been a surge in the property market, meaning a surge of opportunists who are looking to fill the places of those older removals companies who went bust in the housing crash around 2008. With this in mind, there are now a great many less experienced removals companies who will be looking to cash in on the rise in first time buyers. That is not to say that they will all be bad, but it is certainly a gamble, as an unregulated system means that money grabbing techniques could be used over those that benefit the customer primarily. For instance, you may well be booked with a company, and feel that everything is pretty secure; you got a great rate, and feel like everything is going well. Meanwhile, the company may be offering their services on your day for a heightened rate, and if someone takes that bait, you will be dropped quick as a flash, and left to find a new removals company. Of course, if this happens too late, you may well find that you can’t find anyone in time, jeopardizing the whole move and costing you a great deal of cash! These sorts of situations can only really be avoided with approved members of the British association of removers (BAR) or the Guild of removers and storers, both of whom have tough guidelines for their members, to ensure that the customer gets treated well. Failure to comply by the standards of the associations will result in membership being revoked, so you stand a pretty good chance of having a successful and fair removal if you use one of these companies. You will find that another way of spotting a good removals company is whether they offer a house survey, to ensure that you are getting a good quote. You don’t want to find that they have quoted you for as service which is either more than you need, or inadequate, so having a survey done will prevent such things. In these instances, you can always tell if a removals company is friendly or not, by the way that they offer such things. Do they seem happy to help, or are they looking out for their own interests first? Did they offer to do the survey on a day that is good for you, or tell you when they could do it?