Relocating? Think About Your Pets
You may be apprehensive about relocating and you may dread the day that you'll have to pack everything and move to an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar faces. But if you have a pet, don't forget that it might be just as anxious as you are about the move!
It's possible that your pet won't realize what's going on until you actually start wrapping everything in strange, clear, popping material and stuffing them into boxes. But once it does, you'll probably notice that it will become distressed. Come moving day, your pet's anxiety may reach nearly unmanageable proportions, especially if you're not keeping it with you during travel. And when you finally get the your new home, the unfamiliar people, sights, sounds, smells and restrictions may increase your pet's stress and make the move a miserable experience for it!
It's therefore important to make proper arrangements for your pets during the move. If you'll be too occupied to take care of it on moving day, hire a sitter. If you're keeping it in a kennel, make sure it's acquainted with it before the move. Anything to make relocation as manageable for your pet as possible.