Renting Furniture? Check the Advantages and Disadvantages First!Making the decision to buy or rent furniture can be quite a dilemma for home stagers. When you are involved in home-staging it means that you are preparing a property to go out on the real estate market. Many people buy furniture for vacant homes and rent one those which have already been furnished. There are certain advantages and disadvantages for both options. The advantages are quite clear. One of them is that it saves you a huge investment of money, which you can spend otherwise. Another big plus is that whatever furniture you rent it will be transported to the home the proper way. If you are busy with home-staging this will save you lots of time and efforts. However, there are many home-stagers who often claim that rented furniture it simply not attractive enough, and that's why they stick to buying new.

The disadvantages of rental furniture, as stated by the experts, are a few, but often cannot be ignored. They include:

1.    Rented furniture tends to be a bit neutral or even boring looking and it seems that it's not easy to find great pieces of furniture for rent. When you want to rent out or sell your property your utmost need is to make sure the place is appealing and looks its best. The biggest factor is the furniture - it can brighten up a place and make it look contemporary, or it can totally obliterate a place's atmosphere and charm and present it in a dull light. Often the furniture you imagine to be best for your home is not available on the market of rental furniture. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth the compromise.

2.    In terms of the cost of rented furniture, it can get quite costly, because most rental companies require a minimum period or 3 months. After that, they will charge you again for each piece of furniture you have hired. When you compare buying to renting, it may seem that renting is more reasonable, but after a while you may regret your choice. Investing in good furniture will always make an impression and it also raises the cost or rent of the house. Buying is a one-time investment, which means you don't have to worry about contracts with rental companies and paying them rent regularly. A one-time payment might as well save you lots of money in the long run. Moreover, buying furniture give you the freedom to choose each piece so that it matches the overall look and style of the house. You can compare prices or look for discounts and buy in bulks.

3.    Rented furniture means limited choices. Unfortunately, you can't find everything you want for your home to rent. Many rental companies don't even offer much modern furniture, which is a big disadvantage if you have a modern empty house or a flat. If you don't mind the style of the furniture you could rent any available pieces, but if you have big plans for the house or flat it's best to pay attention to style and design and if the furniture pieces match with each other too. Home-staging is all about raising the value of the property, so you might as well invest in some furniture. You don't have to make the house fully-equipped, but buying the basics is advisable.

Consider the list of advantages and disadvantages of renting furniture and make your decision.