Saying Goodbye to someone who is movingEveryone faces a time where someone they know decides to move. It could be a family member, friend or even a neighbour. You may know them for a very long time, which makes saying goodbye harder than expected. So you may ask yourself “How do I say bye without making a scene or bursting into tears?” A very good idea is to throw a going away party for the person/people who are moving. This is where official goodbyes will be said. Parties provide the perfect environment to say goodbye, since everyone is socialising, enjoying themselves and in a good mood. It will also become a memorable time for both yourself and whoever is moving. You may think that a party is not a good idea since you may be financially bound to organise an extravagant party. If budget is an issue, make it a small, intimate event where only the nearest and dearest will be present. To avoid any extra costs, replace meal and buffet ideas with finger foods. Chances are that other guests will bring bottles of some sort of alcohol, which will ease the burden of you having to supply alcohol to everyone.Another alternative is to organise a party jointly with other people. This way, all costs are split between the number of people who wish to participate and organise the party. This is very convenient since it allows you to spend less, but still be a part of the event. If a party still does not tickle your fancy, another option is available. You can choose to take the person in question to dinner with a handful of others who also would like to say goodbye. This is a small gathering, where goodbyes can be said in a peaceful, tranquil environment. During a party or gathering at a restaurant, a toast can be made to whoever is moving. This will be the perfect time to say goodbye. Everyone will be in a good mood, so the chance of tears is rare. It also provides the perfect opportunity to say goodbye without creating scene. If you are feeling selfish and wish to spend some alone time with whoever is moving, a spa day, a shopping spree or a day at the dogs is a perfect way to not only enjoy yourself, but also get some quality time together. At the end of your personal day, it is time to say goodbye. A tender embrace and a few words are recommended. A short goodbye is a sweet goodbye. It also avoids you or the person who is moving to become overly sentimental. Should you decide to buy a gift for the person who is moving, it is at the end of the day that you present them with it. You can choose to buy practical gifts, sentimental gifts or gifts that they can use in their daily lives or at their new property. Either way, it will be something for them to remember you by. If you are there on the day of the move, emotions may run high. Try not to cry, and think about the positives of the move: your friend, neighbour or family member is moving to a property they desire and makes them happy. Once again, a short embrace and a few words will be wise. Wave goodbye as they are leaving and continue to do so until they are out of sight. Always remember, just because someone has moved, does not mean that they will not be a part of your life. You can always stay in touch.