Self Storage - Practical Tips For Ensuring That You Get The Right UnitWhen it comes to storage, there are many questions to be answered. First, you have to work out why you need storage, as that will affect what kind of storage you need. Then you need to look at what size, the unit should be, as well as where it will be, and what type it will be. Have a look through the following guide to these questions, so that you are better placed to make decisions on the nature of the storage that you use, and you may find that it is all pretty simple after all!1.    Why do you need self storage?Storage is expensive. You are basically paying a monthly premium on owning things that you have already paid for. Sure, they are not worth a lot now perhaps, but they may well be worth selling, unless you storing them is going to up their value. If you have old stuff like a washer dryer, or some sports gear that never gets used, then is there any point in storing it? You could sell it off and save the cash for buying such things again second hand when it comes to needing them again. This method seems a lot more sensible than dropping fifty pounds a month on a locker for them! If you have a valuable collection or item that needs to be stored, then be sure that you are storing it in the right way, as certain types of storage space can cause items to depreciate in value, through problems like damp or temperature changes. 2.    What type of storage space do you need?As above, expensive items should go into specialist storage. Wine, paintings, classic cars and all sorts of other investment objects should be kept under lock and key in the right conditions. The reality is that a storage unit is for rougher items, like older furniture and things from the garage, which begs the question as to why anyone ever uses them! You can find much cheaper units in the grounds of farms and garages of neighbors, so have a look around your area to see if anyone is renting out a bit of space, and ask your friends if they have anywhere going spare that you can use! 3.    What size storage space?The size of your unit should be slightly larger than the load that you need to store. You will likely find that the best way to measure the volume of your load of items is to pile the items against the corner of a room or garage, and to measure the height, length and breadth of the pile. These measurements will multiply together to give you the volume. You can do the same trick with the measurements of the van and unit to see whether you are on the right track with both. Remember to keep in mind the measurements of the larger items, as whilst volumes may be different dimensions, the height of a fridge won’t change because the van is too low!4.    Where?The location of your storage unit when you are moving house is important. You will need to be sure to find a unit that is in a place that you can get to easily, but also to keep an eye on the price differences that come with location changes. The fact is, city units are more pricy than country ones, but you should be aware that if you are driving to visit your lock up often, then you may well end up spending more on fuel than you save!