Some Basics to Remember in Renting a House There are times when people enter into a rental agreement for a home or apartment without fully understanding the basics that are behind it. It's important for you to remember what renting a space truly means.   One point to remember is that while you do not completely shoulder the burden of owning the place, you are responsible for its general upkeep during the duration of your stay. So cleaning, maintaining the facilities and grounds is part of your responsibility.   Another thing to remember is that an advanced rental fee amounting to about two or three months is always collected, as well as a specified amount as deposit to cover any damages you leave behind should you decide to move. If you leave the place in a good condition, then you will be able to get the deposit back.   You should also make sure that a contract is in place so that you have a legal document you can refer to which prevents any misunderstandings and abuse. You should make sure to read the fine print well to understand these stipulations and obligations. There should also be an insurance plan in place.   Also remember that renting a house isn't just about how much the rent is but how convenient it will be for the kind of lifestyle you (and your family) live.