Stemware:  How are They Best Handled during the Move Out? During the move out, there are a lot of things that you should pack and place in a box.  There are actually household things that you can just place in the box in whatever manner that you want and there are those that really need care as they are very fragile.  One of the things that need extra planning and care in packing and loading would be your stemware.  A stemware is very fragile and delicate to handle by nature. Not only that they are such, they are also very rare and expensive.  For this reason, extra care should be given to these.  And below are some tips that you can follow to ensure that they are boxed and carried safely and cautiously:  Use bubblewrap or any cushioning material to protect the entire stemware.  There are bubblewrappings that you can use to protect and shield the piece and when you do not have enough money, you can just use any cushioning material such as newspaper.  Just wrap the stemware with thick used newspaper and you can then give extra shield to your piece. Place the stemware in between soft things like bed linens, clothes, or curtains. This would help protect the stemware from getting scratches or getting damaged during the move out. In addition to that, this would help you save money out of buying all these cushioning materials. Use these safety precautions and surely, your expensive, highly valued stemware will get the best protection it needs.