Table Lamp Packing and Moving Tips Table lamps aren't usually hard to pack but this ‘how to' provides an easier way to move them, whether a moving company is hired or a self move is carried out.
Firstly, gather the following packing supplies: moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, marker and wadded newspaper.  It is best to get boxes from specialty box suppliers to ensure the protection of the table lamps.
When packing this kind of lamp, it is ideal to remove the bulb from the harp (the casing that holds the lamp) and pack them together in one box. Before packing, wrap the cord around the harp so it won't tangle.
 On a dry and clean surface, spread a large sheet of bubble wrap and roll the lamp until it is entirely covered. Secure the side with packing tape. Fold the top and bottom part of the excess bubble wrap and seal with packing tape.
When placing the lamp into the box, be sure that the base is facing down. Use extra newsprint to fill gaps so you can prohibit shifting while adding support to the lamp. Seal the box and label it with ‘fragile' and ‘this end up'.  Be sure to indicate its contents and the room it belongs to.
Before packing table lamps, be sure that your hands are clean as lamps easily stain. If you have extra tall lamps, you can either purchase specialty boxes from your mover or go online to find the perfect boxes for your table lamp.