The ABC's Of Getting A Second Home Mortgage Acquiring a second property can be overwhelming. But if this is through a second mortgage, it is equally risky. Better yet, learn the ABC's of getting a second home mortgage to take advantage of the benefits it offers:   Primarily, evaluate your financial condition. Knowing how much you earn, you can best judge if you can afford a second home mortgage and meet the monthly payments. Consider the basic needs of your family and decide if acquiring a second property is essential. As well, consider your credit rating. Higher credit rating means lower interest rate that you have to pay.Consult a specialist, a real estate agent, or broker. His expertise will increase your understanding on a second home mortgage and help you avoid costly mistakes. He will give you useful pieces of advice on how to deal with your outstanding loan and your future financial plans.Explore the market for the best interest rate. Take time to make a thorough research so that you don't get the first one that you bump. After all, the first may not always be the best.   With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your second home mortgage is for the best. You don't have to rush on things as serious as acquiring new properties and loans.