The Art House Warming The house warming activity is not merely a fun-based and luxurious ceremony. Rather, this is a tradition that is done by every household in their new home to mark a new milestone in the family's life. More than this, there are a lot of other reasons to host this kind of event.   Basically, this celebration is important for this is the chance of the family to receive blessings to their new house in different ways. This can be in the form of religious ceremonies in where the new home is opened to receive the blessings from spiritual persons in the neighborhood. This one symbolizes a happy future of all those who will be residing in the new home. Or, this can be in the form of gifts as well as goodwill from guests such as friends and relatives. These gifts, on the other hand, speak for the family's prosperous stay in the new house.   However, a lot of people are holding back to host house warming for their new residence. This usually happens because of the fear of presenting their house with incomplete furniture and decorations. But, the truth is, guests who attend house warming parties very well understand that it takes a good amount of time before you can finally settle. Therefore, there must not be too much worries about it.