The Basics of Packing:  A Guide to a Better Moving
When moving to another place, packing is one of the things that require more time and effort. More often this happens for days and sometimes even weeks if you do not apply techniques and strategies that are effective.  Below are some of the basics in packing:
a.       It is best that you always have spare materials such as packing boxes and labelling materials.  You will never know how much materials you need even when specific appropriations have been made.  It is rather beneficial to have your things prepared. 
b.     Make sure that your boxes are all well protected. The bottom part of your box should be double-stripped with packing tape to enforce protection.
c.      For better protection, it is necessary that you use crumpled newspapers or any other form of paper.  The use of the newspaper will cushion the household stuff thus preventing it from getting scratches or damaged.
d.     Place all household stuff that carry so much weight than the others.  This will prevent greater damages to those which carry smaller weight. 
e.      When packing lamps, make sure that these lamps are well cushioned.  In addition, it is best that you remove all the bulbs from the lamp to avoid causing more damages.
With this guide at hand, you can never go wrong in packing your things in order to have a smooth moving out.