The Benefits Of Renting A Single Family House More often than not, renting a single family house can be a better idea than owning one. Especially if you are concerned about your budget, this kind of option can provide you a lot of benefits.   First, renting a single family house can cost less than the monthly mortgage of a new home. With this, while you are still on the process of earning money for your dream house, you can be helped to save more monthly for the grand purchase. Much more, you can enjoy several amenities in a house for rent cheaper than purchasing a house with the same amenities. This can include pools, cable televisions, and the like.   Another thing is that being a renter does not require you to pay for and do major maintenance tasks for the home. Usually, it is the landlord that has all the responsibilities in cases when there is some damage in the home in the long run.   Also, renting a house will save you from property taxes. Since you do not own the house, you don't have the responsibility to the government. The money can instead be used for more important investments or needs of the family.   These are only a few of the benefits of renting a single family house over purchasing one. So if you are thinking twice about buying a home, check out these advantages you can get out of this option.