The Importance Of Dealing With Emotions When Moving
The idea of relocation often threatens people. In most times, people experience a gamut of emotions when relocating. However, it should be taken note that relocation can either be perceived as a negative or positive process. That will greatly depend on the reason for relocation.
Generally, most people relocate because of business relocation, new job offer or promotion, lifestyle changes,  better school systems, and family reasons like an illness of someone in the family and medication is suggested  to be done in a particular area.
It was said that rationalizing one of the said reasons can help a person become more comfortable with the thought of relocation. People who plan to move should understand that addressing one's feeling for the relocation is essential to keep a healthy mind. Obviously, relocation is not just all physical, it is also psychological-as much as possible, nothing should be left behind even a heart that has been so attached to the so called "home."   
In most instances, people become scared to relocate because of the thought of starting all over again. Like for instance, moving requires making new friends, new routine, and finding new places. It also poses the possibility of losing contact with loved ones and friends. This is the reason why the pros and cons of moving should be thought of well.