The Moving Service That Best Fits You
The challenges of relocating don't end once you find a new home; in fact, it's just a start. Finding the perfect moving option for you is another.  You have several requirements, now sit back and take the time out to read this guide for moving options.
* Hiring a professional service
This is the most hassle-free method for moving out especially when you don't mind spending more. This service practically frees you from any responsibilities.  The company will take care of the packing, transporting, and unloading.  The drawback, aside from spending more money, is that sometimes it's still better when you pack your stuff yourself so you know exactly where to get your belongings.
*Rent a truck
Advantage is that it's a bit cheaper than availing a full service.  Another plus is that you are the one in charge of the move.  The disadvantage is that you might have to apply for a different driving license to be able to handle a big moving truck.
* Rent moving equipment
Aside from a moving truck you would also want to consider learning
about moving equipments like straps, ropes, ramps, pulleys among others. 
Check with your provider if they can facilitate you with these.
* Self-service moving
Understandably, with this method, you do everything yourself.  A large van or a container will be dropped off to your house which you will fill with all your belongings.  Your van provider then picks it up for transport to your new home and you unload everything yourself.
In conclusion, know your requirements and concerns before availing of a service.  Study your budget, time, and accessibility so you can properly discern which service is best for you.