The Rule of Thumb in Packing Though packing rules apply different to every mover, all still bounds to one condition: pack successfully and efficiently. Whatever one's preferences are, there should always be a system to follow and this is exactly what the rule of thumb is. Some prefer packing every room separately while some combine two rooms at the same time. There are some who pack unessential things first and there are some who concentrate on packing the most valuable properties followed by the least. Packing the unessential first has an advantage because they can isolate the essential ones and be packed for the last few days of packing. As long as there is a system and schedule, everything will go right. Meanwhile, you can also repair and do cleaning as you pack because multitasking will allow you to finish the entire packing process efficiently. Cleaning the garage is another smart thing to do as your garage can serve as your storage room once finish packing your boxes. And since garage is nearest to your gate, loading them to the truck and vans would be more convenient, too. Lastly, you can save the fragile things for last such as your kitchen utensils and dishes. This may also include your toiletries like shampoo and soap as you need them first once you are able to move to your new house.