The Small Items To Make The  Big Relocation PossibleYes, the big things are the most important for a relocation - as big as a moving van, or a small mountain of wrapping paper, or dozens of moving boxes. But you cannot really pack and load and move out without some small, but necessary and useful items.

Those are the basic instruments and other tiny little somethings, as well as some bigger but generally forgotten items, that make the work put in relocation efficient.  

A notebook
A small one would do perfect. A notebook is used anytime you want to write a note to self, or if you need to leave a note to someone else.

Writing tools
They include in first place, an ordinary pen to sign papers, scratch a quick note the notebook, or make changes in the moving plan, or in the furniture layout plan. Right after come a few, or better a lot (because they tend to disappear all the time!)  thick black permanent markers. You need them to write on the packing of your possessions. A quick advice: don't write just on one side of the box or the packing. It would spare some time later, because you don't need to toss and turn the boxes in order to find what is in that particular box and where it should be placed.

Cutting knifes and scissors
You use one to cut the tape, the bindings and cords for fixing the furniture in place during transportation, and eventually to open the moving boxes, once you start unpacking. Warning: Keep them away of children! Or take my advice and just keep children away from the action!

Hammers, screws, nails, lots and lots of different screwdrivers... A nice big toolkit is what you actually need most. Tools are needed to disassemble and then assemble furniture, disconnect and then connect the electrical appliances as well as the Internet and phone connection, and every small repair that comes in your way on moving day.

Packing tape
At least 20 rolls are most likely about to be used to close the boxes, to close the doors and drawers of the cabinets and wardrobes, and to secure the wrapping paper around the tables, lamps and so on.

Work gloves
A pair of gloves for everyone involved on moving day should be supplied. A few extra pairs are a good idea. After you handle a pair of gloves to everyone, make sure they wear them! You don't want any injuries, no matter how small.

Rugs or woolen covers
Used to cover the bottom of the van or lorry before you start loading the furniture, so the furniture cannot get damages from the protruding parts in the back of the vehicle.

A cord is always needed. To tie the bundles of clothes, or bedding, or instruments, or to close the sacks. And for lots more.

A medical kit
Better have one in nearby, because injuries happen. Mostly scratches, but you have to be prepared for something more serious.

Furniture dollies
If you can find any, they will spare you lots of sweat and curses while lifting and carrying the heavy furniture. Just rolling the heavy items to the van is much easier.

Garbage bags
Garbage bags in different sizes are just irreplaceable. And I don't mean for garbage!

A vacuum cleaner and/or a broom
Good manners command to leave your previous residence clean. After a rooms is empty, vacuum or sweep the floor. In your new home you can do that before you start filling the rooms with boxes and furniture, even if you have cleaned thoroughly the day before. Dust is gathered incredibly quick in uninhabited spaces.