The Sweetest Escape to Italy in 5 Simple StepsPlanning to move to Italy? Here are 5 easy steps that can make your trip the sweetest:   Step 1: Plan.  Make a list of the things you need to bring and do before the trip. In this way, you don't need to pack in a rush and forget necessities along the way. What if you forgot to bring your medicines that are only available in your country? Or your passport? It's really better if you have a list that will serve as a guide that will keep your move organised.   Step 2: Ask For Help. Hire a highly regarded removal company to help you in your move. Removal companies are expert in international moves and therefore they can give you sound advices as regards to your trip. Also, they can help you pack quickly and efficiently in such a low cost. They will also secure your belongings during the trip.   Step 3: Prepare Necessary Documents in Advance. It is really important that you have already prepared your passport, work VISA and other pertinent papers before you even enter the airport. Not having these documents may delay your move thus leaving without them ought to be avoided.    Step 4: Be Ready with Payments. Make sure that you already saved the money needed to pay your new house bills, or you might end up sleeping in the streets of an unfamiliar country. Also, bring some extra cash with you. You can use it for unforeseen expenses during your trip. This may delay your trip if not settled right away.   Step 5: Try to Learn about Italy. Read about the country. Ask about their culture. If you can, try to study their language. These will make it easier for you to socialise with the people living there.   Take these 5 simple steps and you will definitely have the sweetest trip to Italy ever.