The Ultimate Guide for Families with Babies Who are About to Move Moving is a daunting enough experience when you live alone and you need to transfer apartments or houses. Just imagine how much more stressful it would be if you have a big family with kids and even a young infant. Naturally, the safety of the baby should be your number one priority while transferring from one address to another. You'd also want the kids to ease into the transition when transferring residences, so it helps to know what to do every step of the way.
Caring for Your Baby while Planning a Move
Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're a family on the move, and you have a small baby to care for in the process:
·       If possible, take advantage of full service moving packages.
How many old kids do you have who can help out with packing all your things? If you have a couple or more teenage kids, you can probably handle all the packing yourself especially if the move that you are planning is still a few months away. But if there's only you, your spouse and the baby, it definitely pays to consider hiring full service movers.
These removals companies offer professional packing, moving and unpacking services. While they are doing their job, you can focus on caring for your baby. Another option is for you to rent a mobile storage device which should give you plenty of time to organize and pack your things while caring for the baby. Once you're ready, the moving company will transport the mobile storage unit to your new address and there, you can also take your time to unpack the boxes of stuff that you own. 
·       Maintain the regular schedule of caring for your baby.
Young children are surprisingly resilient so they might be able to easily adjust to the move. But when you're caring for a young baby, it definitely helps to not disrupt your infant's daily routine. Even in the midst of all the chaos surrounding the move, stick as closely to the baby's daily routine as possible. If it's time to feed the baby or if it's nap time, abandon whatever it is that you are doing and care for your baby first.
·       Ensure utmost safety for kids during the move.
For the entire house not to be one huge mess during the move, allot only one room for packing your stuff - or do it one room at a time. Keep the room that you are packing kids-free so that they would not be hurt with the scissors, box cutters and other packing supplies which can be a potential hazard to their health.
·       Know what to do on moving day.
Hire a baby sitter or get a beloved aunt to care for your baby during move day. The entire house would be one loud mess once the movers come in, so it pays to keep the baby in a room where there's a bit of quiet, with somebody to watch him or her at all times.
·       Prepare an "Open Me First" box for your baby.
Finally, prepare an "Open Me First" box for your baby which you can open first once all your things are unloaded at the new house. Fix the baby's room first to allow the infant to settle down in a comfortable and safe environment at your new home.