Things to Remember Before Putting Your House on the Market With plunging real estate prices, it's really hard to get a house sold, much less at a good price. So it is important to take some important steps to make sure that you get a good deal on your home when you put it out in the market.    The first thing you should do is to clean everything up. Appearances are very important, and your house will have a much higher value if it is clean and neat rather than if you leave it dirty.   While surface appearances are important, it is also essential to inspect your house for any damages and have them repaired. Home inspectors and assessors will be sure to look for any structural defects which will surely bring your home's price down.   You should also make your space more neutral, so that potential buyers will not have a hard time visualizing themselves in the space. So any items such as family photos and the like are better removed from view, at least when buyers are about.   It is also best to move when you have a guaranteed sell. This is so you are sure that your move is worth it and you don't need to keep going back to check whether the property is sold or not.