Three Questions about Scheduling Your Move
With all the things that you have to think about when moving, such as arranging and packing your things and preparing your new house or apartment, you might not have given much thought to how to schedule your move. Given that such an activity needs your supervision, requires a good amount of time, and must work according to your availability, it is important to time your move just right. Consider the following questions will help you make a wise decision:
Do you want to take a day off, or move on the next free day? Though it may seem best to move on a weekend or a holiday, moving companies may charge higher fees for such times.
Should I make my reservation early? Yes. As with all other things, making an early reservation will allow you to choose the day and time that suites you best. Three or four weeks early should be enough for you to do just that.
If I have no personal preference, what time of day is better? Most people will opt to schedule morning moves, since this allows them more freedom of time. If you schedule in the afternoon, your move will depend on how well the moving company's morning job went.