Tips for Buying the Right House to FlipFlipping is a great way to make money by investing in real estate. However you will not make a profit with just any house you buy. There are some tips and criteria that have to be adopted to choose and buy the right house to flip.   1. The first tip to adopt is to make a low offer on houses that have been on the market for some time. Make sure the house meets your flipping requirements, and you can make an offer below its asking price.   2. Though sellers may not oblige to this rate, you may do them a favour as they haven't been able to sell their house for some time. With negotiations, you both will reach an amicable rate.   3. If you find a house you see everyday that needs work, but is flipping material, you could write its owner a letter. Praise their house and mention your interest in buying it if they are willing to sell. As its owners find it difficult to maintain the house, they may consider your offer.   4. Sometimes FSBO properties, or For Sale By Owner properties are worth investing in. These houses are sold by people who usually don't know the property's worth.   5. Even foreclosures are worth checking into as you may get good bargains in some of them. However if there are many foreclosure properties in your locale, though it provides various flipping opportunities, you can also expect lots of competition.   Whatever option you use to buy flipping houses, remember that it should be bought for as low as possible. Hire a contractor charging lowest rates so that you can make a profit through flipping.