Tips for Less Moving Stress
Moving is without a doubt, a really stressful endeavor. Just imaging attending to the details and logistics of the move, and putting all the physical and mental effort - it can be a really draining exercise. However, not all moves should be as stressful as they were, if only people paid more attention and executed things properly.
The key to a successful move is having a real, solid plan. You don't have to always stick to it to the letter - think of it as a guide you should follow as much as possible. When developing a plan, make sure to include a timeline for your tasks, and always consider non-moving related tasks that will affect your timetable. It's also very important to plan the budget well, as this is one of the major considerations when you start executing you plan. Make sure that you stick to your budget, and always have some extra dough for emergency purposes.
If other people are involved in the move, keep then in the loop as well. It would also help you find ay weaknesses in your plan, as having a more critical minds in the mix would be much more effective. Besides, you also need to consider their needs and concerns, so you can properly execute your plan when the time comes.