Tips for Moving House with a DogThere is so much to think about when you’re moving house that involves all the people in your family. You have to ensure that you’ve got a schedule that works for everyone, that everyone is re-registered with doctors and dentists, are happy in their new surroundings and that kids are sorted with new schools. On top of that, if you have a dog then you have a whole new thing to think about, because dogs need special care and attention when it comes to moving house. By following these tips then it can all be easy and stress-free! Planning and OrganisationOne of the best ways to ensure that you get through moving your dog to your new house easily and efficiently is to ensure you have a plan in place. Read around the subject, get the right essentials in place and prepare other members of your family for the kinds of things you’ll have to be ready for when moving a dog. It may seem over the top to come up with check lists and schedules but in the long run you will definitely be grateful that you did so. Packing and Moving DayWhile you’re packing, your dog will probably find the whole thing very exciting with lots of boxes to jump into and lots of people everywhere. However, they may also find it distressing with so much change and more importantly there are all sorts of dangers for dogs about that they may swallow or step on. The easiest way to combat there being any danger for your dog while you’re packing is to shut them in a safe room that is quiet and calm such as a bathroom or a bedroom until you’re finished. Even though they might not like it at the time, this is ultimately much fairer and safer on the dog. The same plan goes for actual moving day which will probably be a lot more stressful for the dog (and for you!) Keep the dog away from all the hubbub of moving until the last possible minute so that it is all as least distressing and disorientating at possible. Transporting your DogThe best way to transport your dog if you don’t already have a ready -made cage in the backseat or boot of your car is to purchase one that you can keep your dog in for the duration of the journey. This is especially important if it’s going to be a longer journey than your dog is used to. You will know best whether your dog will be calmer if he can see out and see you or if he’d be calmer if the cage was dark with a blanket over it. This is an excellent way to calm down a distressed dog and make the journey so much easier for them to handle. At Your New HouseAt your new house it’s important to let your dog get used to it on his own and his own time. It will all be very strange and feel very unfamiliar, but don’t be concerned because it won’t take long for them to get used to it. It’s vital not to let your dog go outside on his own until he is very familiar with his new surroundings and even then only when he has been micro-chipped and has a collar detailing your new address on it so he can be returned safe and sound should he get too adventurous!It doesn’t have to be too much of a struggle moving with pets and they can be settled down much sooner than you’d think!