Tips For Packing Large Items For Your Move When you move, it is not an excuse that some of your belongings are damaged. This is because with the proper packing, all of them can arrive to your new home safely. So in terms of packing large items, check out these following guidelines:   ·       For drawers, make sure that you fill them up with either clothes or carefully wrapped fragile items. Then, you need to cover them with furniture pads or blankets and tie them with a secured rope.   ·       For tables, remove the legs, pad them well, and tie them all together. Place all the nuts and bolts in one bag then tape them under the top of the table.   ·       For your freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher, it is important that you empty and drain them out. Make sure that the interior is clean and all of their accessories are placed in one bag. Also, tape down every movable part of the equipment before covering and tying them in.   ·       For televisions, computers, and other electronics, make use of their original packaging. Or, if you don't have them already, you can use electronic-specific kind of boxes.   If you make it a point that all of these items are packed carefully, each piece will arrive safe and sound to your new home without a question. Surely, you can use them right at hand after unpacking each of them.