Tips in Choosing a Moving Company: The Lowest Price is not Equal to the Best Service It is a common human error to be enticed by low-priced item. We are so attracted to things which carry a menial price tag that before we knew it, we have already bought the item even if it is not really needed. The same is true in choosing a moving company. A moving company that offers the lowest price is not always the best moving company that you could run into. Sometimes, to get quality service, you have to stretch your budget a little higher. If you think that spending too much for a moving company is not practical, then it is the same with paying for a low priced company and getting a very bad service.
The Basics: How a Moving Company Operates
Unknown to most people, running and operating a moving company entails a lot of money, effort, and resources. For example, the money spent on the fuel for the moving trucks alone can reach sky-high figures depending on the distance of the move. Not only that, the insurance costs that each company has to deal with also add another layer to their expenses. Most insurance companies gives an expensive insurance quote for moving companies for the moving business is classified as a high risk industry.
Another input cost that the company has to incur is the money spent on acquiring the moving vehicles. Latest market prices indicate that a quality moving vehicle costs at least one hundred dollars. That price is for a single unit only, keep in mind that a moving company has to keep at least five of these vehicles. Finally, the biggest expenditure that a company has to deal with is the cost of advertising. Moving companies should be aggressive when it comes to advertising for it is important for the people to know that they are exist.
Advertising costs can really cause a huge dent on the moving company's pocket. For an instance, a slot in the top results page on most search engines will cost the company at least twenty thousand dollars a month. That figure does not include other advertising propagandas such as print ads and local TV or radio commercials.
Last but not the least; the company spends millions of its profit for the wages of its employees. This expense should not be taken for granted for without employees, a moving company will not be able to operate. Companies who want to keep the best and highly skilled workers are those that are not afraid to pay above the minimum wage.
Given all of the expenses that a moving company has to incur, it is somewhat logical not to choose a moving company that offers a very low price in exchange for their services. One of the most obvious indicators of cheap moving company is the presence of day laborers.  Day laborers are not permanent workers in the company, thus, their loyalty neither relies on the company nor on you. You have to do an extra job of keeping an eye on all of your belongings throughout the process of the move.
Another factor that you indicate a low quality moving company is when they give you the lowest price quotes over the phone. Keep in mind that they haven't seen your house and the volume of the belongings that they have to transfer yet they are very eager to give you a low price. Also, price given over the phone is fluctuating and it is likely to increase drastically during the day of the move itself.