Tips in Moving Into a Dorm
The first taste of independence comes when you move into a dorm. It will give you a sense of freedom because it will be the first time to be away from your parents and be alone in a dorm that you will call your second home.
If it is your first time to move to a dorm, here are some tips on how to make your dorm feel homely as possible:
Check your university if they are conducting orientation packages about what students should do when moving in. Some campuses provide compensation packages for moving when a student comes from a distant town.
It is better if you know what kind of system your university dorm operates. Dorms have different operating system. There are dorms that are more of an apartment time where it gives you more freedom because it comes with your own kitchen and bathroom. Others have kitchen facilities, and others share a common bathroom. Knowing these things will help you on what things you should bring aside from your clothes.
When you move, do not forget to bring some cleaning materials because some dorm has not been cleaned. You may also want to bring with some paint to change the wall colors into your favourite shades.
When you arrange your furniture, remember that it is easier to rearrange things when you move in larger furniture first. There are some dorms where they provide your bed and desk, if you have these already, try to move them. You can use large plastic boxes as your shelves.
These are just some of the tips to help you move in your dorm. Good Luck!