Tips To Unload And Unpack Without Losing Your Sanity
Finishing all the packing and loading tasks is definitely not the end of your moving tasks. You still have to face the challenges posed by unloading and unpacking your things. But of course, you can take a good breathe since you are done with the three quarters of the entire moving job.
As soon as you arrived in your new location, take time to take a short break before you start unloading your things. Remember to take in control of everything so as not to lose your sanity in the middle of the job. Let the kids explore their new room so you can freely move around as well.
When unloading your things, always unload the big furniture first while you still have a good amount of energy. Also, decide immediately as to where you plan the heavy stuffs to be positioned while you still have your assistants.
After the unloading job comes the packing job. When doing this, staying in control will truly help. The first thing you should do is to designate the boxes to their respective locations. Then, do the unpacking first in the kitchen since most of the necessary things are here. Next room you need to arrange is the bathroom. Arranging this room can serve as your booster since you will not stay long enough here. Afterwards, you can already fix the bedrooms and living room.