Welcome gifts ideas for your new neighboursWhether you have moved into a new property and would like to give your neighbours a gift to introduce yourself, or have had new neighbours move in next door and want to welcome them to the neighbourhood, there are a number of different things that you can do for your new neighbour.  Welcoming your new neighbour in such a way helps to build a solid and healthy relationship from the start, furthermore, if your neighbour is new to the area it will make them feel welcomed, rather than feeling like an outsider.There are a variety of different things that you can do to welcome a new neighbour, there are lots of things that you can do that won’t cost you a single penny, but your new neighbour will greatly appreciate. For idea on what you can do for your new neighbour, please read on. The first thing you should do is try to find out exactly who you will be living next door to, is it a couple, a family with children, etc.  knowing this will help you to decide what gift to give them and include something for everyone. The real estate agent who sold the house should be able to give you some information.  Try to avoid seeming too nosy though. When your new neighbours have moved in, and have had a little time to settle in, go round, with your family, and introduce your family to the new family.  Explain where you are, and let them know that they can come to you if they need anything. If they have the time, you could discuss the neighbourhood with the new neighbours, giving them useful information such as what days the bins are collected and an idea as to what the community is like. Offering home baked foods, cookies, bread etc, is a popular gift for new neighbours, and it is ideal as most people don’t have time whilst moving home to cook fresh food.  Following on from this idea, if you’re no natural baker or don’t have the time to whack together some baked goods, you could put together a welcome basket, for example a soup basket including soup (or soups depending on how large the family is), bread and or croutons, bowls and spoons, or a gourmet basket with cooked meats, cheeses, breads, butter, cutlery and plate’s.  Food related welcome gifts are always appreciated by the recipient. Another thing you could do is put together a welcome pack, include in this things like a map of the local area with useful places noted on there (such as the nearest shop, doctors, dentist, schools etc), vouchers and leaflets for local businesses and any local restaurants and take-always, a community newsletter and a note of any important dates for local events. Consider getting a plant, flower or a potted herb for their garden to help them make the garden their own as they have done the house with their belongings. One further thing you could do is to cook a nice meal for your new neighbours, and invite them round, offer to look after their children for them for the day and feed them to give the parents one less thing to worry about. If you would like to put together a welcome basket or buy a house warming gift, it may be beneficial to ask other neighbours to share the costs involved in this, don’t feel like because it is your neighbour you have to front the costs, your new neighbour will impact on the whole community, so get the rest of your local community involved.