What are the Advantages of Hiring a Removal Company?So you are about to make the big move, whether it be house removal, office removal or simply just some furniture removals and you may be wondering what the advantages of hiring with a removal company are? And whether you really need to bother? Let’s investigate the advantages of hiring a removal company to enable you to make up your mind and to be clear about what it is you actually need! What’s moving?First of all you need to consider what it is that actually needs to be moved. House removalsFor house removal you no doubt have to consider hiring a removal company unless you have a van or truck large enough to fit all of your belongings into. If the move is not too far and you can manage more than one journey then a standard sized transit van could be ideal for little runs back and forth, until the job is complete!  However, if you don’t have time to do this then a haulage truck would be great as it would get the removal done and dusted in one journey. For long distance house removals hiring a large removal van maybe only option.(House removals and packing)House removal companies also provide a packing service if required. You may not have thought about using their packing service but if you want a quick and efficient move it could save you lots of time and maybe money by doing so. Some removal companies offer a reduced rate if you use their packing service because risks and damage which could be apparent during transit are less likely to occur when packaged by the professionals themselves. Office removalsOffice removals requires a van with extra space to place large furniture like desks, chairs, filling cabinets etc in it may be in your best interest to hire a removal company that can provide a service for office removals because they  know how to go about it and how to maintain minimal damage to your office goods during the move!(Office removals and packing)Although many larger items like desks and chairs may not need to be packed, plenty other items like paperwork, files, stationary etc will and by using the packing service provided by the office removals you can save heaps of time by not having to look for boxes and suitable packaging that will ensure your good and especially computers are protected during transit. Single items of furnitureFor a simple desk, chair, bed, wardrobe, sofa or any other large item you may be able to hire a self drive van to get the job done quickly however what you have to consider is that some items such as washers, cookers and dryers are extremely heavy to lift and carry and will require an extra pair of hands to help. If you do not have anybody to help you lift these heavy good then maybe hiring a man and van is the best option! Packaging a single item is not normally necessary unless it’s a precious or antique piece of furniture. Washers usually have a transit bar to stabilise it during the move, however old washers may not have it anymore. Hiring a man with a van is also very beneficial because they are used to lifting heavy goods and will no doubt advise on the safest way to lift to prevent an injury occurring. Less stress!Ultimately by using the services of a removal company can help to reduce stress! We all know how moving house can be one of the most stressful things we do in life and house removal companies will not only take away one of those stresses but free up your time to concentrate on much more important things, regarding the move!