What Day to Move HouseThe day you move home is a hectic day. You will find you have more to do than you realise and you will wonder how you are going to get it all completed in a short amount of time. The last thing you want is to be encountering further delays due to traffic or road works. Picking a date to move home is as important as selecting the right property. Moving home on a day that the roads are busy is going to cause you further unwanted stress. To make the day go as smooth as possible we have compiled these tips on what day you should move home.No weekendsThe roads on weekends are always going to be busier than the middle of a weekday. More people go for drives and the roads are busier. With the roads being busier you are more likely to get stuck in traffic, wasting time that could otherwise be used to help set up your new home. As the title suggests you should avoid moving home on a weekend where possible. Moving on a weekday the roads will be quieter. This is helpful in terms of avoiding traffic jams and delays and also if you need to park on a road while unloading the removal van. You may find it more difficult to take things out of a van on a busy Saturday morning than on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. You may also find that removal companies charge slightly more for removals on a weekend. So arranging a move for a weekday can be cost effective as well as helping reduce stress.If you have no option but to move on a weekend try and take some smaller items to the property in the days leading up to your moving in date. This is only an option if you are allowed access before your moving in dates. Most landlords and estate agents are quite flexible in allowing you to move some of your belongings in early. Just bear in mind they are being left unattended and are going to be more of attractions to thieves so don’t leave anything valuable. If moving some items in early isn’t an option and you have to do everything on a weekend, set off as early as possible. If you rise early and begin moving things into your property in the early morning you should avoid the later rush of traffic as the roads get busier in later mornings or early afternoons generally on weekends. Avoid bank holidaysAs with moving on a weekend you want to avoid moving into a new home on a bank holiday weekend. It might make more sense to move in on an extended weekend to allow you more time to unpack, however the roads are generally busier on bank holidays, and that includes the Friday preceding the weekend. The same rules apply to moving on a bank holiday as they do for moving on a weekend and if you have no choice but to move on a bank holiday weekend try and be off the roads as early as possible. You may also find it more difficult to find a removal company that will be available over a bank holiday.