What is a Mini Self Storage?Mini self storage is a storage unit that can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. They can store the smallest item in your home but you may also utilise it to store your other larger valuables.   As with other types of storage facilities, this is available in various sizes to fit your purpose. You can also have access to these facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure that this includes security features.   The Different Mini Storage Sizes   There are six basic sizes for mini storage units.   1. The 5' by 5' mini storage is the same size as that of your closet. This gives room for two furniture items or you may use it to store several boxes of your home or office essentials. Most college students make use of these units.   2. The 5' by 10' storage typifies to rooms inside a home. This can hold a load of several furniture items.   3. The 10' by 10' mini storage looks like one small-sized apartment. It typically contains four rooms for storage of your valuables.   4. The 10' by 15' mini storage is one that holds at least five rooms of furnishings and goods.   5. The 10' by 20' mini storage holds up to eight rooms of furnishings and goods. This can store a car.   6. The 10' by 30' mini storage can contain a boat or is a convenient choice for RV storage.   By looking at the different sizes of mini storage you may think that mini isn't always small after all. You may then enjoy mini storage depending on your needs.