What to Consider When Deciding on What Career to Pursue Some people just know what they want to be since they were kids until they grow up. Others, however, just find it difficult to decide what they want to do in their lifetime. The good news is shifting careers is not prohibited. It's just most people believe that the more focused you are in one career the farther your career will go.   When trying to decide what career to pursue, you have to consider your interests. Take note that you will be doing this for almost your whole life so it should be something you would enjoy doing. It should not be something you find to be cool but not compatible with your personality. You should imagine yourself in that occupation and think about the things you would have to do. If there are certain stuff that you think you won't be able to perform properly then you should pursue another career.   Depending on you current age and job status, you would also have to consider what type and how long training it entails before you can start working. At current economic times, many people are either looking to earn more quickly or taking the job market slump as an opportunity to go back to school. Of course, job compensation is a big consideration. If you will have the opportunity to earn big, you may find spending more time studying and training worth it. Still, there are also some high paying jobs that don't require long years of training. This is more ideal if you don't have much money to invest on education and training.