What to do before Moving into the New House Before you decide to move or transfer into a new location, whether a removal home or a normal house, you must consider the things to settle and accomplish. There are essential things that you may need to fix, replace, add, remove or a combination of some or all of these tasks.   Checking the place where you want to move is one important thing to do prior to the day of transfer. This gives you all possible chances to determine what things to do and see. You may not like the new place or it is not a suitable are for you and your family to stay in.   You make your own inspection by checking the entire area of the home and the whole surrounding. Having a check-up from the interior to the exterior of the house is a way for you to see if there are damages to fix, replace or remove.   Utility connections must be also included on the checklist before your move. You should have phone connection, Internet connection, electricity installation and water ready right before you enter and live into the new house.   Most importantly, you should have all the means prepared from budget to concrete belongings. This is a sure way to reside in a new house without chaos.