What to Do Before Your Actual Moving Day
So, finally the day has come for you to move out!  However, do not get festive yet, as the worry and stress are just about to commence. Before your actual moving day, here are some of the few things that you may need to do:
You need to check a few things first at your old home.  Bills that pertain to postal, electricity, water, associations, and even newspaper deliveries should be properly closed or to the least be informed about the movement.  Otherwise, you will end up paying for these bills and get billed still while at your new house.  Start working on sending out your new address cards to friends, relatives, immediate family, and even your office. This will give them the idea that all communications or future visits may no longer be made via the old house address. You need to check out with your place the contact people for your communications and bills.  Days before your actual movement to the new house, these must have been settled already to avoid interruption in the basic services.
By following these few simple tips, your moving day will not be as difficult as you think.  So, start thinking about these tips and start learning them by heart.