What You Need to Know About International Relocation Have a streak of wanderlust in you? If you are planning a career change that will bring you to different places (more importantly, to a different country) then you probably already know that there are so many things to consider. Out of all that life has to offer, international relocation will be one of the hardest yet the most wonderful things you will ever go through if done seamlessly. The best way to do this is to know what is up ahead for you. To begin, all your paperwork must be in order for you to proceed with the actual international relocation itself. Usually, most countries will request for copies of the following documents: your birth certificate, marriage or divorce papers, your school transcript of records, immunization records and other medical certificates. Make sure everything is up to date so the consulate will have an easier time going through them. Next, your passport must be at least four months valid by the time you intend to travel. It is easy to ask for help in a travel agency if you want to expedite your passport renewal or if you want to iron out any legalities in your documents before you travel.