Where to find used and free moving boxes and packing materialAs most of you know moving isn't cheap. Especially nowadays when most people are looking for ways to save their money, buying new moving boxes and packing materials is not that affordable. Moving, in most cases, includes hiring professional moving services. This allows you to choose the right type of moving service. You can save a lot of money by hiring a van, but packing and unpacking your belongings on your own. Packing is not only time-consuming and tricky, but it also requires plenty of quality packing material. The most important is the so called moving box. You need several moving boxes, depending on how big your home is and how much stuff you have. Purchasing a new pack of moving boxes is a serious expense and not as necessary as you may think. Used moving boxes are usually just as good as new ones, but much cheaper. The specialized moving boxes for wardrobes and china and dishes for example can be a total waste of money. Clothes can easily be folded up and put into any other box, while china can be wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully placed into a medium box. All of these good moving boxes can be found for free at many places. All you need is a plan, an approximate number of how many and what sizes you need and some free time. The first thing you need to try and do is collect only the boxes in intact condition that you find. There is no point wandering around town and collecting garbage. Look for clean, sturdy boxes which don't look crushed. Check whether the boxes have all four flaps on their top and bottom in order to be able to seal them properly. Do not collect and use wet boxes or ones with bad smell - you want to make sure your possessions will be in perfect condition not only when packing but also after unpacking them. The best places to look for used moving boxes are big shopping centres, which get deliveries a few times a week. You can also find boxes in local shops and supermarkets but beware of their smell and cleanness. These boxes are usually not the best you can find. Liquor stores might only have boxes which have cut holes, which means you cannot seal them, but you may try putting tape or paper over the hole and still use it. One of the best places to check is a good book store. Books need to be in perfect condition when delivered and so are their boxes. These boxes are usually the strongest ones too and you can also find laminated ones which are waterproof and guarantee absolute safety for your belongings. Another great place is any department store - their items need to be dry and undamaged so you can be sure that their moving boxes will only be certified ones. The most used sizes for moving boxes are small and medium. Take the boxes you find and keep them in a pet-free, smell-free and dry place until you start packing. Don't forget that you also need packing material which can also be costly if you need a lot of it. Instead of buying special paper, stuff your boxes with old newspapers. You can also use newspapers for wrapping and stuffing glasses and cups. Put crumbled newspapers into the corners of the boxes. Another packing material you already have at home is old towels and sheets. All of these materials will allow you to move cheaply and environmentally-friendly.