Who Should Be in Charge during a House Removal?Moving house can be a strain on any relationship, whether you are husband and wife, student buddies or professional flatmates looking to find a new place. As is human nature, it often becomes apparent that one person takes the reins and begins to take charge during a move. This can be hugely beneficial. It can allow for a strong organisation and the opportunity to create and stick to a strict moving schedule. But who should be placed in charge? Below are listed some of the qualities which can be most useful when moving house and especially useful for those who have taken command. If a consensus cannot be reached over who should take charge, whomsoever holds most of these personality traits will likely be an excellent choice. Organisation is at once the most obvious and the most desirable skill. There is a great deal of upheaval and confusion surrounding the concept of packing away your entire lives and moving them to an entirely new location. A strong sense of organisation is essential when conversing with removals firms and landlords, with old and new tenants and with utility companies and each and every other person you may encounter along your journey. A well organised mind will allow you to bring order to the chaos. Ask yourselves who is the more organised, who will be able to cope with the madness of the move. It might likely be the one reading this list, or the one who has given the most thought to the whole process. A clear individual and point of contact will also be much easier when talking to companies and firms and will stop communications being split across several channels. Time is a hugely important factor in moving house. It can be a long and stressful process and one which will require a great deal of thought. If one of you is a victim of a hectic schedule, then it could well be best to place the other in charge. Even an hour or two more spare a week can make a huge difference and allow for an increased time to think and deliberate on many of the issues that might arise. It could be that, while one person has slightly less free time in the day, they are more able to spend that time focused on the move. Your own personal schedule will vary and between the two of you, it will likely be apparent who can spare the most minutes. The person who is able to put in the most time will likely make the best leader. A sense of conviction is essential when facing a task of this magnitude. Whoever has taken charge must be prepared to make difficult decisions, sometimes without the time to consult with their partner. Whether it is choosing which removals firm to go with, which items will be left behind and which will go with you or even the type of packaging to use when putting away all of your possessions, there is always choices to be made. Placing someone in charge, or letting someone take the lead, who you know to be ready to take these kinds of decisions will be a vital step. The final personality trait will make the whole experience a great deal calmer. Whoever decides to take the lead should an easy going person, someone unlikely to allow the stress of the situation to affect them too much. Choosing a more relaxed, though still diligent and organised individual will ensure that the move does not ruin any relationships or leave too lasting an effect.