Who Should Know You Are About to Move?
Moving is not only about "moving" per se. A lot of things need to be done before you can say that you have finally moved successfully. One of the most forgotten of these "a lot of things" is announcing the move. This does not mean, though, that you have to gather everyone, prepare a groovy party, and use a megaphone to announce your move. Announcing your move can be as simple as sending postcards or emails.
Now the question is, to whom should you send these moving announcement postcards or emails?
First of all, you should visit your local post office or their website and change your address there. A simple filling up of a form will already make the job done.
Then, you can now send postcards or emails to some people that need to know about the moving. These are your friends, family, employers, and employees. Announce to your credit card companies and other financial institutions, too. Companies providing services to you like your phone company, cable provider, satellite TV provider, etc. should know your new address as well.
Professionals that take care of you like your doctor, dentist, gym instructor, and lawyer should know about the moving, too. Don't forget your kids' schools, clubs you're a member of, and subscriptions should also know your new address.
Think of everyone and everything that will be affected by your moving-these are the companies, groups, and people that need to know about your move.