Why House Warming Parties Are Celebrated People who have just moved into a new home would usually throw a house warming party. This is usually the fun part of moving. It is done once everything has been settled. Some would even do it before they have fully unpacked. The point really is to celebrate and share the blessings. Visitors also bring gifts to wish the people who have moved in good luck and blessings.
Many people incorporate the party with a religious celebration though so they can say thanks for the blessings. Spiritual leaders attend the celebration to pray for more blessings in the future. And so the guests are also there to do the same.
The great thing about a house warming is it's informal. So you don't really need to make so much preparation. In fact, some people even just order food for delivery so they can easily celebrate the house warming. You don't need to decorate your house because the guests would understand it.
So, almost everything about the house warming is really about celebration. It is the time when you can take a break after the hard work. It is the time for you to relax and have a good time with friends.