Why You should Reach Out to New Neighbors It really feels weird being the new neighbor. However, you should try to shake off this feeling and try to be friendly with neighbors instead. Seek out the people who seem friendly. These are usually the people who smile and say hello when you pass by. If you have nothing to say just smile and say hi back.   But then to develop friendships you really should start a conversation with them. You could start by asking a few directions, for instance, to the nearest bakeshop, grocery and meat shop. Of course, remember to thank them after they give you directions. Ask about their kids when you meet them with their kids. This way, you get to know them better. And they get to know you as well. Never act too confident with them though as they could take it in a bad way. Don't act too shy either. At times, your neighbors could even strike a conversation with you before you do.   As you develop good friendships, you will have someone to run to in times of emergency. So, when you have to leave the kids and the baby sitter does not show up you could have someone to help you. You could even entrust your house to them when you go out of town too.   Of course, at times you would also have to do favors for them. They could entrust their pets to you from time to time, for instance. After all, true friendships means having to give and take.