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If you are thinking about moving house, or have already finalised the deal, then there is a high possibility that you are pondering how best to go about transferring all of your possessions from one house to the other. There are several ways to do this: on your own using your own mode of transportation; calling around family and friends and calling in favours; or hiring a removal company to do it for you. The first two have obvious drawbacks in that doing it on your own leads to an inevitable sense of helplessness when you get stuck at some point. The second method is debatable because as well as then having to owe people back you will probably not be on very good terms by the end of a very stressful day. The last option then, represent the best choice. By calling [COPMANY NAME] you can acquire the services you need to pack and transport your furniture and accoutrements from one house to the other. There is absolutely no need to worry about anything else if you hire us for the day, we take all the physical demands of the day upon ourselves and leave you to bask in a relative sense of relaxation.

The N postcode refers to the Northern section of London, and N20 specifically refers to Whetstone, Totteridge and Oakleigh Park.

Whetstone is a place in the London Borough of Barnet and combined with Totteridge is one of the richest areas in the UK. This is largely thanks to Totteridge Lane, a road which has long been home to a great deal of vastly wealthy people.  The area has a long history that dates back to the medieval ages due to its importance as a staging post for stagecoaches travelling north out of London. As an example, the Griffin Pub has been the site of an inn since the time mentioned and the buildings adjacent to it can be dated to the fifteenth century. The name Whetstone is thought to derive from the presence of a stone that would have been used to sharpen knives and swords, and can still be seen today on the High Road. However some believe this to have been placed there as a step from which one could climb astride a horse. The area might also have been the location of a secret meeting between Winston Churchill and Rudolf Hess, who fled Nazi Germany in 1941. There are records attesting to such a meeting although they are not specific enough for definite truth.

Totteridge, Whetstone’s neighbour, is a protected residential area which is an picturesque, old English village.  The rural attractions of the village have, over the years, attracted well-off families and individuals making it a relatively affluent area, hence the presence of Victorian and Edwardian mansions. However, it was designated a Conservation Area in 1968 and has therefore had no major developments recently.

So if you live in the N20 postal district and you wish to avoid any unnecessary practical issues when moving house, then call 020 8811 8918 as soon as you can
. We offer flexible, inexpensive and efficient assistance to all who need, and request, it. Don’t waste your time pondering the pros and cons because there really aren’t any negatives to this. You get the move completed with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. Click here to reserve a parking space for our vehicle on the day you need our assistance.

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