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The Solution to Residential Removals in SL4

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There are a ludicrous amount of factors to think about when one is in the process of moving houses. The list is endless but not all of them are depressing and mundane, in fact the majority of them can be construed as exciting, especially in the context of starting a new phase of your life in a new residence. However, the one part of moving that constantly puts a dirty mark on peoples’ moods is the actual transference of all your possessions from the old house, into the vehicle, back out of the vehicle, and finally into your new home. A great deal of people finish the move with bad backs and aching muscles due to all the heavy lifting involved when it comes to beds, wardrobes, desks and all the other cumbersome items in your home. A great idea if you want to avoid such unpleasantries is to call London Removals and free yourself of some of the stresses and strains of such a day by letting us do it for you. We are extremely experienced in the removals field of work and therefore know exactly what to do and how to handle your beloved possessions.

The SL postcode represents the postal area of Slough in south eastern England. The postcode covers sections of east Berkshire and south-east Buckinghamshire. The main town within SL4 coverage is the affluent town of Windsor, home of one of the royal families residences, Windsor Castle. The town is roughly twenty-one miles west of Charing Cross in central London and is directly to the north of the River Thames which forms one the town’s borders. On the outskirts of Windsor is the village of Old Windsor which actually predates the ‘New’ Windsor by around three hundred years.

The town of Windsor has an extremely long history that runs from before the creation of the medieval castle, through the middle, Tudor and Stuart ages and in to contemporary British life.  Windsor Castle is, as a matter of fact, the longest continually occupied castle in Europe, an astounding feat. Even though it was considered to be old fashioned during the Tudor and Stuart periods because of it houses shrines to the dead which aroused peoples’ superstitions. Nowadays, it serves predominantly as a tourist town with a wide variety of retail establishments where tourists can shop. Because of its touristy feel, there are features present which are usually only present in large towns, such as two railways stations and a number of high class hotels. There is also Legoland Windsor and Windsor Safari Park.

The town of Eton is also within the boundaries of SL4, a town most notable for Eton College, the prestigious private school that has produced so many of Britain’s leading statesmen and best loved comics. Other towns within SL4 are Eton Wick, Clewer, Dedworth, Cranbourne, Winkfield, Dorney, Oakley Green, Woodside and Boveney.

So if you live in the SL4 postal area all you have to do is pick up the phone and call 020 8811 8918 as soon as you know when it is you want the move to happen
. Your furniture couldn’t be in safer hands due to our dedication to customer satisfaction. Your needs and requests are placed at the top of our priorities list and are absolutely determined to ensure the day goes smoothly for you.  To reserve a parking spot for our vehicle just click here and follow the onscreen instructions.

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